Valley With A Heart Benefits is an organization located in the Wyoming Valley region of Pennsylvania.  We are comprised of a group of people that are very passionate about helping children in our community experience a better quality of life during their battles with critical illness. Our actions are driven by our mission to inspire and encourage community involvement and awareness for the sake of providing monetary and spiritual support to our recipient families.

Unfortunately, and for a number of reasons, caring for a child that is critically ill can become a very expensive process for families. Whether it’s the cost of the medicine they need, co-payments required for hospital and doctors visits, travel expenses   , etc.., it can make things very difficult for a family, especially if they are not financially secure. The fact is, they didn’t ask for this, nor were they ever expecting it to happen, but it did, and now they have to endure it. We don’t believe they should have to do it alone. It’s a lot easier to fight a battle when you have a community of people supporting you, and that’s what we are here for.

Valley With A Heart - People at Event


In 2001, a group of concerned friends got together with an idea to raise funds for then 11 year old cancer patient Elise Harrison of Plymouth Township. Being motorcyclists, we knew of the big hearts that most bikers have, and decided to hold a benefit ride. With the help of Plymouth Township Volunteer Fire Company, Plymouth Township Recreation Park Association, our sponsors, our many volunteers, and entertainment from 40lb Head, Oz, many other area bands and Rock Street Music, we were able to raise over $13,000 for Elise and her Family. Sadly, Elise lost her battle to cancer one year later. Since the event meant so much to Elise, we decided to make this an annual event in her memory. Her heart will continue to beat within our organization forever.


The following text is directly from Elisa’s journal from the night following the benefit event. Please take a moment to read her powerful words…

Dear Journal, 

Today was an awesome day! There was a benefit held for me down at Plymouth Township Rec. Park. Friends who I really know care about me. I’ve never seen so many motorcycles in my life. There were so many kinds and colors. I got to go for a ride on one, (Jack and Lindsey’s Bike). It was the greatest. I know mom and dad were worried! But it was so much fun. The bands and food all the people. I even worked in a stand for a while. I had the best time ever, it made me feel so happy. So many people care about me having this stupid cancer. I know they want me to get better fast, even people I didn’t know came to support my family. I wanted to cry today because people love me, and just want to help. I hope that I can help them someday too. I’m shy sometimes, but hope that Rick and Frank, Uncle Don and Aunt Michelle and Sue and Mary Anne (there are too many people for me to write down) know how much I love them too and all the motorcycle people and cooks and everyone who volunteered know how much I appreciate this Fund Raiser.

Love to all. XXXXOOOO
Elise Harrison

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