Valley With a Heart Benefit Families

Please support valley with a heart, they do so much for so many kids all these years, so many children and their families. My son is a success story traveling back and forth to Danville plus raising 4 other kids for 12 years is never easy and so many families have worse situations. ( I pray for them) please support in any way fundraisers they have and just a simple donation. God bless u heros here are pictures of my son after 6 hr surgery for stomach and out of 3 days in picture age 4 1/2 and present age 12 1/2 doing so much better but still under specialist care and meds controlling but overall an active youngster. God bless all the donators, volunteers and everyone involved. Please donate (they do it for the kids) and I know so very many families are helped in many ways thank you…..

Andrea Lee Hunter